About Us

Nambor is the Parent Company of its various categories of services which will take care of all the day to day needs of the people. From travel to tech and from education to essentials all will be taken care of and that too in a faster and reliable way. Need any service, name it. We will provide it all.

Nambor.in is an online ecommerce business which focuses on smoother, faster and reliable delivery to the People of Assam as well as North East India (Nearest Goal for now). The business specialises in providing ethnic goods from the region and for providing a platform for local producers of all kind. Apart from these objectives, the business will boost the employment of the region and also the sale of the locally produced goods such as traditional dresses, Hats (Japi), locally produced tea and other edibles etc. The ecommerce site will also showcase all the other requirements, both essential and non-essential goods.
Nambor Technologies is a firm which will provide fully custom made Softwares, websites and mobile applications as per customers need. The firm will provide support and all the tools required as per the specification and need of the customer. The support and upgrades will be based on the plan and deal with respect to the agreement of Nambor Technologies and its customers.